Thursday, 14 July 2005

Where is our stuff???

When we shipped our stuff from Malaysia in May, we were told by the forwarders that our 20 foot container will arrive in Wellington by the June 19! We were even given the name of the vessel that was to carry our personal belongings! We were impressed and this company we hired to do all this was a subsidiary of a public listed company, KC Dat! Who would have guessed that they would mess things up?

It is now middle of July and we still have not gotten our stuff! We have been chasing everyone possible in the chain but nothing seem to move.

The story is that KC Dat has not paid their counterpart in New Zealand for over 6 months and as a result, the agents in New Zealand do not want to release our goods, making us chase KC Dat on their behalf!

After so many phone calls to Malaysia, we are still awaiting for the stuff to be released. This is so disappointing because, KC Dat is so irresponsible. They are not answering our calls and neither are they interested in resolving this issue. They got their money, so why bother?


pngsinnz said...

Hi Shagan. Pandanleave here from ENZ forum. Had a similar problem here. Singapore forwarded did not pay the NZ movers here to ship the stuff to my place and I had to fork out the $ for it. Got a POA to settle this issue thru the courts back home. Other than that all is swell here!

boo_licious said...

Gosh, you poor things. Hope it is sorted out soon. Guess you may have to threaten KC Dat with legal letters to get them moving.