Sunday, 10 July 2005

Mom the hairdresser

It has been a month since we are here and it has been a month since I cut my hair! Hmmmm…. It takes all of one month for my already short hair to grow to a length where annoyance starts to set in.

We scouted around for a barber in Wellington. Oh there were plenty but I could not find my neighbourhood Indian barber! All the Indians here open diary shops and news stands. There is a pattern actually, but will come to that in another thread… Since there were no Indian barbers, I enquired from some of the local ones. The cheapest was $10 for a hair cut, and that was for children below 12. For those of you who have seen me, the barber doesn’t actually have a lot of hair to deal with and $10???

What shall I do? We had a round table discussion over this. Actually we have a rectangle table but a rectabgle table discussion doesn’t have a ring to it. Anyway, the conclusion was to cut our own hair.

We went to Mitre 10 (a Hadimart DIY variety here) and picked up a hair cut set with all the frills thrown in and electric, all for only $18.69. I can’t cut my own hair, can I? But Vera was not brave enough to start with mine. So, our 6 year old was to be the guinea pig! Of course he doesn’t know that his Daddy was a greenhorn when it came to cutting hair.

After about 10 minutes of fidgeting with his head, he still looked presentable although I must say a little off balance but its school holidays now! So by the time he goes to school in 2 weeks, my work of art will be nicely covered up! Next was my turn. I chose the shortest possible cut and told Vera to cut as much as possible! Turns out, it was so short, whatever “mistakes” was invisible to the naked eye!

So, my return on investment was excellent!


boo_licious said...

Well, look at this way. You practise more times with Anil and you will be excellent at it and can start up your own part time Indian barber shop in NZ.

jinkee said...

I better enroll myself in a haircutting class before going to NZ. It sure is expensive down there. Here in Manila, a NZ$4 haircut is fairly good.