Saturday, 1 April 2006

Bluff Oysters

The Bluff oyster season just started last week with a lip smacking festival ( last weekend which of course had to include oyster opening and eating contests. There has been numerous newspaper articles and TV reports about people slurping their prized Bluff oysters.

When I was in Auckland last week, I came across places selling 1 dozen of these fat succulent Bluff oysters for $110! That is almost $10 a piece. They better had included some pearls for that amount of money. It is outrageous but people still bought them or they wouldn't sell!

For those not from New Zeland or not familiar with New Zealand geography, Bluff is a small town at the south end of the South Island. It is located at the bottom of the South Island, in the province of Southland and is the 'Gateway to Stewart Island'. It is also the begining of State Highway 1.

When we first arrived in New Zealand, the oyster season had already started then. So all the hype ended before we arrived. Each time, we passed by a sea food shop, we saw them selling Bluff oysters. And each time we asked ourselves, why would anyone in their right mind buy bluff oysters when you can buy real ones for the same price. Then one day, when I related this to my office colleagues, everyone had a good laugh. Then we realised why they were called Bluff Oysters.

This year, we are going to sample some of these reknowned oysters before the end of the season. Some call it the finest in the world but we are determined to buy them at down to earth prices.