Saturday, 6 August 2005

The smoking roof

Last two nights we had frost and what that means is that the rest of the is nice and warm! The definition of warm here is around16 deg C.

And in the early morning, when the sun rises and warms the surrounding, you see smoking roofs!

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And that's not the chimney!

Wednesday, 3 August 2005

Discovered a world of literacy

We joined the local library in Tawa, which is where we live, about a month ago. My initial impression was "wow"! They had books, magazines, video tapes, cassettes, CD's CD-ROM's, DVD's and all for borrowings. They have PC's connected to the internet. They even have a section where you can bring children to play. There are toys in the library. Which I think is a good thing. Then kids will start to like going to libraries and eventually start to love books.

This morning I visited the Wellington City Library which is supposed to be the mother of all libraries. And it is one heck of a library! There are all those things I mentioned above here but multiply that by a 100!!! The whole library is 3 storeys high and each floor is about 3 times the size of the Tawa library! Can't really say how big in words but it is BIG!

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There are close to 12,000 CD's alone of every genre of music, classical, opera, instrumental, even international. I even saw a CD of Siti Nurhaliza's music here! As for DVD's there are complete sets of Friends, Sex in the City and almost every movie and documentary released. Go to fiction and every novel of almost every author is there!

Vera will be happy my book buying will come to a halt now! Having 4 weeks to read to book or listen to a CD or watch a movie, why would I want to buy?