Tuesday, 12 July 2005

A pattern with Asians…

I am not generalising here. That will be the last thing I would do! But there is a pattern with Asians coming to New Zealand. Actually you see that all over the world, not just here…

When you see a corner neighbourhood news stand or a dairy, 9 out of 10 times, it is run by an Indian or someone of Indian descent.

When you see a not necessarily corner, neighbourhood take away, 9 out of 10 times…actually I think it is 10 out of 10 as I have yet to see an odd one, it is run by a Chinese or someone of Chinese descent. They will sell “English Fish & Chips” but still operated by a Chinese. They will sell Malaysian “Nasi Gorang” but still operated by a Chinese. They will sell “Beef Rendang” but still operated by a Chinese.

Another odd thing is, 6 out of 10 Malaysian take away’s are not run by Malaysians let alone someone who has been to Malaysia. I know that since they don’t speak any decent Malay and I said 6 out of 10 as there are Malaysians running authentic Malaysian restaurants here! Next time, I must ask them if they know where Malaysia is on a map!

I pass by a taxi stand outside the Ibis Hotel on Featherston St here in Wellington twice a day to and from work, and again 9 out of 10 taxis I see parked there are driven by someone of African descent!

Slightly off the subject here, every time I touch down in London, I see a man wearing a turban welcoming you to the UK at the immigration but I have not seen that here. A cloth merchant in Malaysia or Indonesia would in all likelihood be someone from India, but not here. Someone who sells carpets in Malaysia would hail from Pakistan or the Middle East, again not the case here.

It is kind of weird seeing a construction site not filled with Indonesians. Not seeing nannies wearing the familiar blue uniform, carrying babies and trotting behind parents. Not seeing people going gaga when a politician turns up somewhere. Not seeing the police, bodyguards and outriders when the Prime Minister walks in (I actually met her once). Not seeing drivers so obligingly open the rear doors for their bosses who are too busy to open the door or that ever so important businessman who has better things to do than carry his own briefcase. Maybe I haven’t been around that much but in a month here, these are my observation.

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