Friday, 4 November 2005

It happens to all of us...

It seems so surreal to think about it now, that about six months ago, we went through this! Starting a new life in a new country. This week we had two families starting theirs.

Vincent, Joo Bee and Junius from Singapore arrived last week and are now settled Palmerston North about 2 hours north of Wellington. And this week, we had Andrew Edwards from the UK doing his reccee of the North Island. He stayed with us the 2 days he was in Wellington. At the end of the two days, I just saw myself in him. He was so close to getting a job and was all confused because it just happened too fast.

I think we are so used to taking our time in getting things organised, regardless of where we come from, and when things start to happen, we panic! I remember in March this year, I was sitting on a couch in Wendy's B&B in Eastbourne, just returning from an interview, being told I have to be in Wellington by June. At that point, I had not even mentioned to my previous employer that I might be leaving. Actually, I haven't even mentioned to my parents that we were migrating. At that moment, everything was just happening too fast! Wendy was saying that a few months earlier, another couple Sarah and Ian went through this same feeling at her place!

Now, here we are all settled and enjoying life.

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