Sunday, 6 November 2005

Circus in town

The Weber Brothers Circus is in town. They are currently performing at Paraparaumu which is about an hour away from where we live. They are scheduled to be in Wellington next week but we were not sure what our schedules are going to be like next week, so we decided to drive to Paraparaumu to see the circus.

We paid $65 for a family pass and got us seated on an elevated platform and had real good views for the arena. The circus was packed to the brim. It was worth every cent as the show was spectacular. Unlike the circus we are used to back home, the only real animals here were dogs. The unreal ones included a mermaid, a lobster, a shark and some alien looking Jabba the Hut look a like.

The second half of the show was really good with lots of UV lights and fountains that give the circus a different feel to it.

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Edward said...

Hello...Seems like you are having tons of fun in NZ...Good on ya mate !

Melbourne 9/11