Thursday, 2 June 2005

Windy Wellington

Wellington is often referred to as "Windy Wellington" and it sure is one heck of a windy city! The wind is so cold, it bites into you. I go to work with 6 layers of clothes and it stll feels cold. Despite me wrapping myself up, there are still people walking about in a tee-shirt and shorts!

Back in Malaysia, most people I know won't think twice about watching the weather. Tell me, how many actually watch the weather after the news to find out if tomorrow is going to be rainy, dry or cloudy? Ok, how many actually watches the news, to begin with? Here, I notice that waiting for the weather forecast is so very important. So far, they have been darn accurate. It at least prepares you for the next morning. The other day, the forecast was hail and that morning, I saw small ice cubes falling on my window sill at the office.

We shut the windows tight every night and yet, we can feel the wind finding its way inside our house! I bought one of those clocks with a temperature reading. It is now about 8pm in the evening and we have two heaters blowing in the room and the temperature is 16.1 deg C. In doors! No joke!

Skin can easily dry out in the cold and the cold wind can make things worse by indoor heating. Vera's fingers started cracking and bleeding and Anil has also started developing dry and craking skin.

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boo_licious said...

oh no, poor anil and vera. Time to buy vaseline intensive care and put lots of it on.

NZ is like UK I guess, weather is unpredictable that u have to chk what it will be like so you know how to dress up for the day.