Saturday, 18 June 2005

Free weekends...

We just came back from a wonderful weekend (actually the weekend ain't over! It's only Saturday). And all it cost us was the petrol, and some shivers as the weather is still pretty darn cold and days are still pretty darn short. We are so looking forward to summer.

We went to this park somewhere near Titahi Bay. It was about 15 minutes drive from where we are an the view was spectacular! We frist drive up to the top of an awesome hill, then drive down to the bay. There are lots of places to park and walk and run and do whatever you want. And it was not crowded, there was only like 5 others cars there. We were told during summer we can expect to see maybe another 2 cars! That's a crowd in Kiwi terms. Then again, there are so many such parks dotted around the city. There were people swimming (yes swimming!) and some surfing. Actually the water is not that cold. Just the wind that makes it cold.

Later after a nice roast dinner we drove down to Petone Foreshore for some spectacular fireworks display! We stood by the esplanade for about 30 minutes witnessing some great mid winter fireworks. It was freezing cold at least for the kids it was. We had a bottle of nice white wine and the cold did not feel that cold after all. It took us 20 minutes to get to the esplanade. (June 21st is the official mid-winter in NZ. The day is the at its shortest on this day!)

There are loads of things to do on weekends and I wonder when we will run out of things to do. Most of them are actually free of charge.

And sorry there are no photos. Yours truly forgot to bring the camera. But tomorrow we are heading for the Te Papa Musuem and the camera is all loaded!

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boo_licious said...

Wow, the life there sounds great.

Btw, I posted pixs of the latest lanun trip on my blog - mainly abt food but there is one on the guys sitting in the river.