Tuesday, 7 June 2005

Peculiar Things about NZ

New Zealand is an amazing place and it never fails to facinate me. Each time I see something peculiar, I ask myself "if this was back home....." When I mean peculiar it is purely how a foreigner would see it.

Here are some of them....

You need to pay to park your car in the CBD during business hours. That is nothing peculiar, but in addition to dropping coins into a parking meter, there are two other options. You can swipe your visa or mastercard credit card on the parking meter to pay for your parking. This is even more peculiar...you can send an sms from your mobile phone to pay for your parking! I have yet to figure that out but, MPSA and DBKL wake up!

The Wellington city council does not charge for water in the entire city. So you can use to your hearts content without having to pay a single cent. And...you can drink straight from the tap! Back home one would see multiple joints from the mains going in all directions!

I walked into a public toilet once and saw that the ingredients that made up the hand wash used there was displayed. This I was told was to ensure that if you were allergic to something in that hand wash you would not use it. Back home, some toilets don't even have a bar of soap, let alone what it was made of!

Phone calls within the same area code are absolutely free!

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boo_licious said...

shagen, the paid parking by SMS was recently launched in PJ.

How I wish we had free water and phone calls in KL! I can imagine all the govt linked cos screaming blue murder.