Monday, 27 June 2005

Is winter over?

Despite the mid winter having past on June 21, 2005 and the days are actually strating to get longer although by a few minutes each day, or so they claim, the temperature is nowhere near heading North!

We had hail yesterday, the hills around Wellington were snow capped, last night it went as low as -2 deg C in some parts of Wellington and this morning, despite a display of clear blazing sunshine, it was only 4 deg C higher than it was the previous night. It is still freeeeeeezing!

Am not sure if it is all that walking or the temperature. Both my ankles are terribly painful. Parts of my feet are slightly swollen at the soles and walking is becoming more of a challenge to me now. I enjoy it though.

I went to see the local doctor to find out if there was something wrong. She checked my feet, charged me $62 and told me to get a new pair of shoes! She referred me to a outlet called the "Shoe Clinic". I went there after seeing the doctor.

These guys are amazing! They told me to walk through a scanner placed flat on the floor, which recorded my problem, my shoe size, my weight and how much pressure I put on my feet and where exactly on my foot was the pressure. Amazing! So the end result was for me to purchase a pair of shoes that fit my feet exactly, softens the places I put pressure on and I must say it is comfortable. I have 30 days to try the shoes and if my problem still does not go away, I can get a full refund! By the way, I am poorer by $299.00! That is a lot of money for a pair of shoes but very cheap for the comfort of walking daily.

Not only my feet are feeling the effects of the cold. My digital camera takes a long time to store a shot. I initially thought it was the batteries. Changed them but still the same.

Can't wait for summer.....

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jinkee said...

Gee, that's really a lot for a pair of shoes. I better get good pairs before going to NZ.