Thursday, 26 May 2005

We arrive

After an almost 12 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur with a transit in Singapore, we arrived this afternoon at Auckland International.

Our first point of contact with NZ was the immigration officer at the airport. We showed our passports with the visa stamp on it and he smiled and said "Congratulations and Welcome to NZ"! That was a nice change to stern looking immigration officers back home who won't say a word.

We had 9 checked baggage and 4 carry ons, a total of 13 bags to gather! It managed to fit into 2 trolleys. Earlier on the flight, I sprained my back and Vera had to do most of carrying. After MAF and then we were out, I mean in! Our next flight to Wellington leaves at 1.30pm. We were charged NZ$200 excess baggage but I think it was worth it as we had about 140kg in all.

The next flight was uneventful and most of us slept the entire 1 hour.

When we arrived at Wellington, we had a Subaru Legacy Station Wagon waiting for us. It was a miracle to fit all those 13 bags into that car. Taking them down to this place was not a problem as you can see but bringing them back up will be.

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