Friday, 27 May 2005

School and house search

This monring getting up was a challenge for all of us. There is a 5 hour time difference between NZ and and back home.

We had an appointment with the principal of the Greenacres School in Tawa. We liked the school and so did Anil. In fact Ashwini liked the school but was not allowed to register as she has not turned 5 yet.

After that we called up an estate agent and asked if there were any 3 bedroom houses for rent in the Tawa area. There were 5 houses altogether but most of them were damp and small except for this one which had 5 rooms and an amazing backyard. We saw the house a couple of times and took it! So now we have a house as well.

We signed the rental agreement with the owners this evening and we now have a new address. We move in on June 10. We were surprised that in Wellington, we don't need to pay for water! But the weather is so cold, I think I am going to run the electricity bill up!

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