Monday, 8 January 2007

The world traveller

I discovered this website on S & J's Blog about a tool that graphically illustrates the countries one has visited. I entered mine and here is a graphical representation of the countries I have visited in this world.

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It is only 12% of all the countries on earth! That is only a fraction of what some others have been to.

I would be happy to have touched 25% before I leave this world!

Here is the link to this project. Click here to take you there. (I know, it sounds weird!).


vincent said...


Thanks for the great website. You have 12.5% and it is not too bad. i only manage 10% and I thought I have travelled quite a bit.

Anonymous said...


I can't believe it that even after all my travels, I've only chalked 6%. Sigh..have to work even harder now..Haha.


Runner said...

Hey Shagen! This is really interesting. Thanks for telling us the existence of such website. Have travelled a mere 4% of the world. Hopefully will travel more in the future!