Saturday, 7 February 2009

Fruits of my labour

Not only fruits but also vegetables of my labour. The vege garden is growing well although the birds are also having a feast out of it.

This is our black grapes. Only one just turning black and we only manage to get three vines. It is only the first season and hoping more will fruit next season.

Then there is the lemon tree which is growing all the time but the fruits taking forever.

The mandarin oranges never survived the Wellington wind. We had lots of flowers but with every wind they went flying. Now all we have are leaves and we can only hope for better luck next time.

The blueberries started flowering but a branch broke off due to the wind and now its recuperating. Hopefully it survives.

The apples had a lot of flower at the begining of spring and everytime the wind blew, some of the flowers would drop off. Thankfully some survived.

Our vege plot made up of several varieties of tomato plants. Some we planted and some just appeared, possibly brought in by the birds.

We had a least 3 bags of them already harvested and more growing.

Apart from tomatoes, we have cucumbers.

And gerkins.

Two varieties of chillies, the long large ones and the small super extra hot ones.

And finally the herb garden which is made up of rosemary (not pictured), mint.


Spring onions.

And finally serai or lemon grass.

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