Saturday, 10 March 2007

Save Hector

New Zealand is home to the world’s smallest and rarest marine dolphins – the Hector’s dolphins.

Once distributed in waters all around the New Zealand coast line, these very special animals have now declined to just 7000 individuals and have been fragmented to a degree that threatens their survival. Read more about this on the Forest and Bird website.

Anil's school distributed this leaflet he is seen holding and asked students to go the beach and create a sculpture of Hector using things you find on the beach. His creation is below.

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It was a real nice warm day for an end to summer but who's complaining? In about a month's time, anywhere near the beach would probably require a thick sweater.


Sarah Lee said...

Also recommend checking out the excellent work of the World Wide Fund for Nature on their Maui's Dolphin website -

By the way - beautiful sand-art and a great blog!

Helen Leggatt said...

That's a fantastic Dolphin you've created there, Anil!! Wow! Well done.

Helen Leggatt