Friday, 17 November 2006

An orchard in the making

This is apparently the time of the year to plant trees, flowers, shrubs, grass... anything that grows actually. So last weekend off we went to a local nursery in search of fruit trees to line our back yard.

We were quite surprised at the variety of fruits out there. We were thrown at growing fruit trees we never would have imagined every growing in the tropics! All we wanted was an apple tree and an orange tree. When we went looking, we found at least a dozen varieties of each. Then there were apple trees that had two varieties in one! That made process of deciding all the more difficult.

With so much choice, we decided to ask someone there for help as it how they taste as they are going to end up in our stomach sooner or later. After all those facts thrown at us, we decided on an apple tree with two variety "braeburn" and "royal gala", and an orange tree that is supposedly sweet called "blood orange". Together with that we bought a lemon tree and just couldn't resist a kaffir lime tree or in Malay we call it "limau purut". More Tom Yams on the way I was assured.

When we got home and planted them, I did a search on the trusted web to find out what the varieties were like. I discovered that there were at least a thousand varieties of apples. There is even a website that is dedicated solely to apple growing and tracing each varieties' anchestry. And to my horror, the bllod orange actually looks like blood! The tree has yet to fruit but I can't wait to see the fruit and even more, taste it! I took this off the web, take a look at this picture of a blood orange!

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Edna, UK said...

Hey! I came across your blog while searching for migrants'experience in NZ, and eversince have been faithfully following your blog for almost a year now! I love reading all your entries- very entertaining and at the same time informative. I am planning to migrate myself, and I am wondering if I could get in touch with you via email for tips and advice based on your experience. Thanks and keep posting!

Anonymous said...

hi shagen, u can call me your site's 'fan' from malaysia. suka sangat baca blog u. and FYI, it's Limau Purut, not limau perut (stomach). hihihi.. typo maybe. glad to know u and family. love.