Saturday, 3 December 2005

North Pole calling

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Christmas takes a whole new meaning here in New Zealand, especially for Anil and Ashwini. First they received a letter from the North Pole. Next they went for a pajama Party with Santa last week. And then there was the never ending Parades all over the city.

And this morning Vera discovered a new way of getting the Santa experience. There is a website hosted by iHug ( and you could send an email to Santa, write a snail mail letter to Santa and you could even speak to Santa. That last one was something different so we tried that.

Ten minutes later, the phone rang and it was a "long distance" call from the North Pole for Anil and a few minutes later for Ashwini. They were speaking to Santa himself and telling him what they want for Christmas. And they send the wish list to us by email.

Now it's time to get that Christmas tree and gifts! They have heard from friends in school that Santa comes down the chimney after they sleep on Christmas eve. With the size of our chimney, Santa would need to go on a diet! But, we'll see...

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