Saturday, 17 June 2006

The "bug" that kept us awake!

For the past week we were kept awake at night wondering what that chirping noise was. It was not the typical continuous chirp but one that was like a second or two apart. It was also something that sounded like a bird trapped somewhere in the house, or was it an insect or a bug?

We had no idea what it was but the fact that it only sounded at night when there are no movements around the house got us suspecting it was an insect of some sort. But it sounded like a bird and was way too loud to be an insect.

This mysterious sound went on for over a week and we were quite curious to find out what exactly it was. Everything and anything came to mind.

This morning when we woke up, it sounded again! I said to Vera, whatever it was, it is begining to get hungry and is now making its presence known during the day. So, off we went on our search for the elusive creature, equipped with a broom stick, bug spray, gum boots and a torch light. We went under the house, then in the garage and tried to follow the sound.

As I was following the sound it sounded like now coming from the hallway upstairs. That got us worried. I stood at the hallway, right at the stairs and there it went again! It came from above my head. The second chirp, that gave itself away.

It was our smoke detector that needed a battery change!

Coming from a place where smoke detectors were not common, we had no idea what it was and how we would know when it was time to change batteries. And all this while, we had sleepless nights thinking a giant weta or some dark creature crept into the house at night waiting to pounce on us!


vincent said...


That was funny because it took you a week to realised that it was the smoke alarm battery that was running low. We have similiar experience here in Palmerston but we realised the fault after an hour. Anyway, how is house sale and new job getting along?

Vincent, Joo Bee and Junius

Joshua said...

When I was reading this, I kept saying "Shagen, its a Cicada!"...

Oh that's a Dan Brown twist to your story.

On hind sight, I wonder if there are cicadas in NZ.

The Leggatts said...

Hahah, brilliant Shagen!! Glad to hear you and yours are well and enjoying life in NZ! :-)

Helen & Warren

Brian said...

Haha, funny story! I just found your blog and have read through your entries. Great content, I am really enjoying it!

Cheers from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Brian -

joshua said...

keep on going, Shagen. your fans are waiting. : )

Shagen said...

Thanks for reading my blog, mate.